Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Goodbye James Mitchell

Goodbye it’s really hard to say
We knew this would come one day
But it still seems too soon
To say goodbye and look at the moon
For James the man we also knew as Palmer Courtland or Pete Cooney
Our dream Curly of the dancing feet is it any wonder we were mooney
Over you, as you held our hearts upon the silver screen
We watched those movies hoping to gleen
Just a glimpse of your prescence and your shining soul
And as the years went by and took their toil
We will excited to see you once again
As you came upon our soapy show
And set about with your single glow
To show us a man who loved his family
Above all else we could see
As he set the dogs upon the doctor
As our spirits would soar
To watch him work misguide though he be
We’d cheer him on and wait to see
What this character would do next
And what he would do to vex
His daughter and all those in his life
Then how he got back his wife
How he lost her again
He found his daughter once again
As she left in the world to be
He was alone as we could see
Then he was an Uncle/Dad
Who threatened and tormented Tad
But he found the woman who would fill his life
Tad’s mother Opal would be his lady wife
And despite their divorce she was always there
To be there for her cuddly bear.
James showed this man that we all loved and made him real
He made us dream and see and most of all feel
That he was part of the people we loved to see
That he was a part of our family
The family of All My Children
And so now it is our sad duty to send
Our prayers to send him to his rest
But we want him to know he was the best
let him dance into heaven at God’s bequest
And choirs of angels sing him to his rest!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I once was young,and quite carefree,
I thought the whole world was mine to see
I found someone to share my life
And I followed my heart and was his wife

I had a child of beauty bright
She was everything of song and light
I longed for another to make my family
Complete,everything I always wanted to be

My children are grown and still I long
For a grandchildren's song
To fill my home and fill my heart
For with them I will always be apart
Of the future and the past
Of a legacy to truly last

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Write to Flight

I try to write
I put words fit to flight
Of eagles soar and fright
And then with someone's might
Their computer they write
Of dreams wiped away

Of people not what I'd say
Destroying the dreams in me
As my compulsion does flee

I look I see it lying in a flash

My writing thrown to the trash
Destroyed by their typing and sad twisted comments
Their need to control their need to control events
Their need to be the only one standing
As my dream I am abandoning
To try and find a new one
With a click and a nod I'm done

I am where words soar and light
It's there with no more fight
No more with an invisible foe
Who sits and preens and smiles
But it does bring up my bile
For they think they have won!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

future post

future post

future post

The One

The One
Where is the person ,the one
who waits for me
the one who'll brighten the sun
Where can they be
I smile I flirt
but I see them not
why am I so hurt

That I find then not
I think I'm open I'm told I'm not
That they think me quite a snot
Is that why I find no sun
I do not find my chosen one?
I'll be more open I'll smile quite nice
I'll even hide all my avrice and vice
Do not go back into that dark corner and hide
For if I do not find you this life I can't abide

Where are you the person for me?
where are you for I cannot see
Come to me come to me
My beloved one to be!
Come to me!!!

Making A Difference

Life love laughter
Fun ever after
As the curtain raises
And we go into different phases
We are challenged and driven
As difficulties we are given
We smile we dream of a future pure bright
And still we struggle reaching for the light
To take us out of darkness
Lord take us out of this mess
We call life and days
That go on in these plays
Are we making a difference we wonder
Or will we go far under
Unremembered unloved unspoken
As we float unseen above
To the heavens will they say
You have to go back and find a way
To make someone else burden less
I wonder that all the time I confess
Am I making a difference?

Monday, January 11, 2010



The Joy of Song

I peer behind the curtain and I see
All the world looking back at me
The insecurity I feel my stomach hurting
If only I could be more asserting

I hear the whispers note the smiles
And yet it's the silence that riles
I take a breath and open my mouth to sing
And the world disappears as the notes ring
My spirit soars all the world is away
The light in me glows like a ray

The gift of song is mine in hand
As the notes come out without a band
I sing ,I dance under the lights
As the spirits take flights
And as the song ends
It's as if it mends
The person who hides inside

In the music I can confide
My hopes my dreams my everafter
Without the inner laughter
I feel the joy the peace within
And wonder if it's a sin
To feel so good and new
And not be so empty and blue!

Sisters Gone but Not Forgotten

Sisters gone but not forgotten
Sisters share our lives our joy and our sorrow
We always think there will be a tomorrow
To spend the time to share our days of sun and fun
but sometimes there comes a day when it blocks out the sun
Everything has stopped as it seems cold and gray
Sorrow has overtaken what once was a ray
But remember though it seems hard to believe
Those we love don’t go away
They walk beside us everyday,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
Though death leaves a heartache seeming too much
though we can't feel them even their touch
they are near and smiling at us from heaven's cloud
though I know that you are near and still very very dear
I miss your humor and your smile
And I would walk a mile
Just to see you again!

Poem of Remembrance

Poem of Remembrance
We do not forget we remember
Those days go by we do not forget we remember
the sacrifices the goodbyes
The men the women who lived
And loved and died
We remember
We do not forget we remember
How they gave their lives to save us all
We do not forget we remember
And as we go on enter into our fall
We do not forget we remember
Those who sacrificed and fought
those who came home broken
Those who now know what they sought
Those who ask but a token
Of remembrance ,we remember
We remember!
We shall remember their sacrifices for all time a new
we shall not forget though we may pass through the hue
Our children and grandchildren will be taught
Of how they won and how the sought the peace
that we will know ,
We rememberWe remember!