Monday, January 11, 2010

The Joy of Song

I peer behind the curtain and I see
All the world looking back at me
The insecurity I feel my stomach hurting
If only I could be more asserting

I hear the whispers note the smiles
And yet it's the silence that riles
I take a breath and open my mouth to sing
And the world disappears as the notes ring
My spirit soars all the world is away
The light in me glows like a ray

The gift of song is mine in hand
As the notes come out without a band
I sing ,I dance under the lights
As the spirits take flights
And as the song ends
It's as if it mends
The person who hides inside

In the music I can confide
My hopes my dreams my everafter
Without the inner laughter
I feel the joy the peace within
And wonder if it's a sin
To feel so good and new
And not be so empty and blue!

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