Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helas the Dragon Part 5

"Okay the car's moved now help me get this creature. We have to splint the wing and the leg before we move it or we could cause more damage to it.Find some sticks or scarps of wood we can tie to it!'says Fergal
"Here will these work?" asks Laura as Margaret creeps up behind her says
"Oh my doggies back !See I told you it had wings!'But it's hurt poor doggie is it going to die like Sam?'asks Margaret
"This this is what you said was adog and went away ?'asks Laura
"Yes but it wasn't hurt them it just spread it's wings and went way up in the sky and flew away!"says Margaret
"Sweetie you have to stay away for the little this creature is hurt which means it might get mad and hurt back!So you gowait in the house until we come and get you okay!'
"It won't hurt me Daddy it likes me !'says Margaret stubbornly
"Margaret Mac Maolduin you'll do as I tell you!'Get in the house now!"
"I'm going Daddy I'm going!"But once he's settled I'm coming back!'says Margaret defiantly
"Laura help me carry you take that half I'l take this half with the head!'says Fergal
they get Helas settled in the box a blanket pulled up making it soft and comfortable.
"Do you think a vet can help?I mean no one has ever seen a creature such as this that I know of except in stories?"asks Laura
"They must know some of the anatomy there vets they got to school.I know I don't know what to do!'says Fergal as he and Laura leave Helas and shut the garage door.
Helas becomes frightened he's in a warm nest but it's inside a structure he' never seen before and he has no idea how he'll ever get out!What if these creatures who tied the tree to his broken leg and wing were really torturing him? No the truth was it felt better for what they did .Were they as kind as their offspring their hatchling?'says Fergal as he and Laura leave Helas and shut the garage door.
Helas laid down his head pulling it into his wing afew brief minutes of shut-eye would certanly help.He was fighting the pain in his wing and his leg the splints helped but there was no doubt about it he was damaged!He wanted to trust these creatures but he knew nothing of their species he never seen one before except when he spotted the hatchling and that wasn't enough information to go on!Helas heard the sound of tiny footsteps on the ground.
"Hello Doggie I'm so glad you cam back!'says the hatchling to Helas "I'm so sorry you got hurt though.don't worry though Daddy's gone to get the doctor no that's not the right word ...the word is vet and they look after animals and birdies.And since Daddy says your like a big bird but not!I keeping calling you Doggie but Daddy says your a ...a dragoon no that's not right a dragon!'You are a dragon that's why you have wings says the hatchling!
Helas belived he was starting to understnd this language of the hatchlings and her parents.Daddeee this would be the parents of the hatchling so they were Daddeees.Now this other word the hatchling kept calling him Doggie!Doggie what a horrible sounding word Helas didn't like the sound of it the other word the hatchling said no that was better Dragoon or Dragon yes that sounded regal imposing powerful yes Helas was Dragon!
"Look what I have for you!says the hatchling holding out the strange fruit she'd offered Helas before.
Helas was hungry and he remembered how good it tasted.He carefully took the offered fruit gently out of the hatchlings hands
"there no weren't those grapes good !says the hatchling "here you need a drink now !"holding out a bowl of water.
Helas rank deep and was growing weary when all of sudden thewall that contained him moved revealing sky and tha hatchlings parents along with another creature like them.
Hela looked at them in wonder how did such small creatures have such magic?That they could move walls ?
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Helas the Dragon -Part 4

Fergal Mac Maolduin was getting ready for work.He shaved his whiskers off.Wolfed down his coffee and a piece of toasted and grabbed his lunch.
'Honey I'm worried about the back fence I'm sure it was blown down in that storm last night.A tornado was sighted in this city last night .Thank God nothing happened to us while we were sleeping but I really think you should check out that back fence'says Laura his wife
There was damage last night the power went off I'm late for work because the alarm didn't go off and now you want me to check the back fence? Yes I've all the time in the world!'grumbles Fergal
"While I'm worried about Margaret playing out there! I have the day off and she loves to play in the yard"says Laura
"Fine I'll check it out when I get home I can't fix it until I get home anyway!.says Fergal
"Please please check it now Fergal!'Margaret will drive me crazy if she's trapped indoors all day!'
Fergal slams the backdoor!He certainly didn't feel like checking the fence.Wait aminute what was the multicolored thing in the yard,something that blew in through the open space where the fence used to be .the yard was littered with pieces of lumber as well .Hump what a mess to clean-up.But what was that thing there it seemed to move but no that must be my imagiantion or in the wind.But there wasn't any wind what was that?Fergal moved closer.It couldn't be that couldn't be what he was seeing was it?It was the size of a Great Dane but that was no dog!It had wings.It looked like pictures he seen only in fairy tales. It looked like a dragon but they were objects of myth not reality and surely they were if they existed much bigger than this!It was incredibly beautiful .It's back gleamed with peacock blue and tiny silver scales all down it's back,like an artist brush had lightly brushed over it.Tiny little scales all along it's centre.The tail was longer then a dog's and would probably be level with it's head.One of it's wings was twisted below it and Fergal assumed it was broken .It would needed to be splinted.A leg was also twisted underneath it and it appeared to be broken also.But the other leg and wing were fine.The dragon's breathing was laboured however and broken often by fits of coughing!Fergal only thought was that he could allow such a rare and wonderful amazing creature to die.
"Laura'Fergal yelled through the open back door "get some old blankets and some bandages and alchohol and come quick.'
"Here's the blanket's and the bandages and antispetic but what do you need them for?'asks Laura
"Come and see what blew into our yard!You won't beleive it there's an injured Dragon in our yard!'says Fergal excitedly
"Fergal I think I heard you wrong! What did you say'asks Laura wanting clarification of what she heard
"Just come and see you'll never believe me until you see it yourself!'says Fergal
Laura came running with the supplies that Fergal had asked for but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw it was indeed a dragon .
"But where did it come from? how can it be?asks Laura in wonderment
"I don't know but this beautiful creature is hurt.I'm going your help to keep it still while I place the splints on it's wings and leg.I want to bring it in the house and then have a vet look at it!'says Fergal
"Oh no that creature is not coming into my house!Absolutely not It could be a fire breathing dragon .It's a dangerous wild animal it's not coming in our house!Absolutely not!"protests Laura
"Look at it Laura it needs help!'says Fergal
'I'm not totally heartless move your car out of the garage put in in the driveway and you can keep it in the garage I just hope that if it's fire breathing it won't burn the garge down and the house with it!I think there's an old box in the garage we could use for a bed for it !says Laura
"Fine help me carry it into the garage after I move the car!says Fergal
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Helas The Dragon -Part 3

Helas the Dragon
"It's in the doghouse Mommy it hasn't hurt me!It's sleeping I gave it water and food in Sam's dishes.I even put some dogfod in it.It doesn't bite Mommy not one little bit!I thought ti was a doggie Mommy but it's alittle strange doggie Mommy it has wings like a birdy!"says the hatchling
Heals did not like the sound of the hatchlings parent not one little tiny bit.And it sounded like it was coming here would it hurt him?With the next gust of wind he was soaring the sky .These strange creatures were not for the likes of him.Maybe he should continue flying on flying home,He missed the dragon folk .He missed community even if they had teased him.Surely there was adragon who would accept him and maybe he would find a dragon wife and have his own hatchlings that would call him Dad!
Helas soared high in the sky flying mile after mile searching for his home.But it must be farther and further than he thought for try as he might he couldn't find it and yet it had been a full moon since he had met the creature.He had rested at night where ever he had been trying to avoid those creatures eating rodents or refuse of the creatures he could find.He had run into ran storms but luckily nothing too dangerous.Out of the blue a great storm came blowing Helas this way and that he grappled with his wings trying to keep in flght and not crash from his feathery heights.Helas knew he had to land but he to land but try as he might the wind just caught his wings and threw him higher into flight. the wind caught hold again and flipped him upside down.Helas struggled to regain his balance and managed to turn himself upright.Helas had never had to struggle against such a wind and his strength weakened.The wind grew stronger until it was awhirlwind blowing Helas and other things around in a circle.Helas was dizzy and he found he could no longer struggle against the wind .It held him and Helas was terrified.Surely this would be the end of him.Something hit Helas in the head and helas spiralled down knowing no more!
Helas awoke weak and coughing feeling broken and battered.He wa barely conscious
as he felt the rain pelt in rivets down his back.even as he felt the pain in his legs and wing he knew they were broken.He struggled to seek shelter but the movement of his leg casue such pain that he fainted.
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Helas the dragon -Part 2

Helas decide to explore his new found home.He walked finding the ground odd!It was of rock in some places the color of white yet in other places athick black rock like dried molten lava he never seen. Beside the white rock were rows and rows of nests built from rock and whole trees. Surely these beasts must tower over him and even his fellow dragons!The beast slowly crept up behind Helas only the pattern of it's feet giving him notice of warning.
At this sound Helas turned swiftly around to behold a creature smaller than he directly behind him.He looked at this creature in wonder as he noticed it's brown hair bound in two straight lines along either side of it's head.He notice oddly how it had been woven to form these the creature was so unusaul not vermin or prey .It looked like some kind of covering it had placed over it's skin to keep it warm since it had no feathers to keep it warm or protect it from the elements!although for some odd reason the creatures legs they stood on were bare as was it's wings ?but it's feet were covered .So very hard to understand this creature that stood near!Was it a danger to him?
The creature made a sound and he heard"Good doggie pretty doggie!"what kind of strange greeting was this it sounded friendly but anyone could see he was a dragon not this thing called a dog so surely this creature had a little brain!
This creature was very tall that was the mostimazing thing of all how ccould such a one have created nests like these was it a hatchling?Yes it had to be a hatchling to be so small.
"Come with me pretty doggie!said the hatchling beackoning holding out what looked like some tempting fruit
Helas was sorely tempted that fruit looked so good and he'd not had fruit for so long!he hsitated and then tentatively went to the hatchling .He was hungry and tired and this hatchling offered food and not just any food fruit!Fruit of the Gods!
"that's it come doggie here you go I have more see?'the hatchling said as Helas began to understnd more of the hatchlings language
So off he trotted following the hatchling wonder where this hachling was taking him!'He wondered if he was being foolish if the hatchlings parents would swoop upon him and hack him to pieces.
"I won't hurt you doggie and I won't let nyone else but you have to hide in her from my parents they won't let me keep a doggie anymore!It made them too sad!But I like you "said the hatchling leading Helas into a dwelling she spread soft material on the ground and said
"You look tired doggie you can sleep there!""It's a dog house my doggie used to sleep there but he died!the hatchling said leaving Helas there
Helas was tired and he lay down thinking that he would remain alert lest the hatchlings parents came !he felt the floor beneath his feet and wings it was odd it looked like grass but it wasn't it was some substance he never felt before.It was not like the grass made him gather for their beds in the dragon camp .It was softer and it didn't have that dewy smell of grass .Helas closed his eyes only for moment he thought it was beginning to get dark and it had been along flight.
He heard the hatchling speak as if from along distance and then jerked awake when he heard first the hatchling say
"Mommy I found a new doggie nothing will take Sam's place but can I keep him Mommy?'
"Margaret you couldn't have found a dog today you were only in the backyard .Oh no did a wild dog come in the backyard!"Where is this dog did he bite you?Are you okay?"asks the other voice in shrill tones
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Helas The Dragon-Part 1

Helas The Dragon
There once was a dragon.A very beautiful dragon with colors of silver and peacock blue admist the colors were scales tiny scales that were almost invisible .These scales were in patches all ovr it's body the biggest of the patches all over it's body the biggest number of patches being peacock blue.He had unsusal eyes for adragon of sea blue or green as the moods struck him.If he was happy or pleased they would shine a brilliant glittering blue!If he ws sad or scared they would shine green.his wings when spread were equally beautiful glittering and gleaming in sunlight!
Helas was atiny dragon as dragons go,much smaller than the other dragons.They called him a puny dragon a pipsqeak and other names that hurt! Just because he was the size of a dog ,a large dog more like a great dane or perhaps a Newfoundlander dog!None of the adult dragons would except him because of his size .When he had reach dragonhood the other dragons had scorned him calling him a lapdragon.Heals had been ver upset it was hard to be different among dragons so fierce.They had insulted him saying he was a teenage dragon as well.Helas had been very upset by this as well after all he was an adult dragon not a teen!
"A young teenage Dragon indeed!he thought "how dare they I'm an adult dragon and they should treat me as one despite my size!'
And so one day Helas tired of the treatment he was receiving from the community tired of being scorned and bitten and burned by other dragons left the village.Helas ran away .Maybe he could find a better life than this somewhere .It would not be an easy thing to leave behind his mother but his father and his brothers they tormented him everyday so he wouldn't miss them!It was scary but he knew this was his chance to find his way and be the adult dragon he could be.He would truly miss his beloved mother Daicheus(daydroous) who was the only one who seemed to care at all about him.He truly regret the pain this would cause for her since he knew she would cry big dragon tears at his abscence but she would soon realize this was for the best.
If only there was a girl dragon somewhere in the world .All the other dragons that was his size shunned him bemoaning his size and laughing some had even breathed fire at him!He knew he was small but shouldn't beauty bravery and cunning count?
He was hurt that his size could make so much difference.He longed for afamily of his own.Baby dragons and a loving wife.Little dragons he could come home to after hunting but maybe because of his size he would never find that! He could only hope tha wouldn't happen.
So off he went soaring into the wild blue yonder pausing onlyto swoop down on prey for food and lakes for drink.He captured and ate small rodents giving thanks for their abdunance.
One day he stopped by acrystal clear blue lake to catch his supper of fresh fish and drink lots of it. the fish were numerous and easy to catch as he ate his full of salmon and trout.Helas killed only to survive not for the sake of the kill like others in the dragon community. he loved the mountain and the cool mountain lake of crystal blue ice water that ran down from the mountain top.the sweet pine treesmade awonderful feathered nest for Helas beneath them, Upon this mountain lea was such beauty he seemed to capture and fill the emptiness with in him.Among all this he still however felt like a sparrow, abrown sparrow amogst such beauty but he was happy for the first time in his life and so he stayed.And so srping turned into summer and summer to fall and as the cold nipped at Helas he knew it was time time to leave.
The weeks had passed and Helas had grown rounded not fat but not thin.He began to think and knew it was time to leave if he stayed he would soon be to plump to fly and then he would be a small defenceless dragon! His paradise would not be a paradise once the snows came.And so Helas flew south from the bitter cold seeking warmth from the bitter cold winds.On and on he flew finding food harder and harder to find. Finally when he belived he would simply die of thirst and hunger he happened on a small lake filled with fish.He caught the fish and he supped knowing he had reached his destination for her it was warm and the food and water was nearby and seemd plentiful enough for one small dragon.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams

Our country is beautiful and vast
It’s history has a varied past
For England is our father/mother
Each province and territory is our sister/brother,
For together we stand
We are one land
Divided we fall
So we heed he call
For we help one another
For we after all sister/brothers

We say please and thank-you
It’s only polite to do
And when we annoy you
It’s sorry we say too

We love our athletes
And cheer their feats,
Good or bad
Even if we are sad
And moan a little at their loss
We don’t let them fear and gather moss
We adore them and cheer their fame
We don’t place on their heads the blame
We thank them for the pride they bring
And we ask of them not anything

So athletes dear
Never you fear
We root for you
At these games
And as I said we place no blame
Should you lose have no fear
We are as fans and are always here!

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My funny Valentine Love

My love is unique
He is the one whom many seek
His eyes are gentle and kind
His lips are loving and show his mind
He has a winning smile
It tends to beguile
Those around him

He is an excellent cook
He can pierce you with just one look
He helps around the home
And doesn't like to roam
He is the other half of me
With which he makes me whole

Is it any wonder I love him so
My funny valentine my beau
I truly love don't you know!
That you are part of my ebb and flow!
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