Friday, January 22, 2010

Goodbye James Mitchell

Goodbye it’s really hard to say
We knew this would come one day
But it still seems too soon
To say goodbye and look at the moon
For James the man we also knew as Palmer Courtland or Pete Cooney
Our dream Curly of the dancing feet is it any wonder we were mooney
Over you, as you held our hearts upon the silver screen
We watched those movies hoping to gleen
Just a glimpse of your prescence and your shining soul
And as the years went by and took their toil
We will excited to see you once again
As you came upon our soapy show
And set about with your single glow
To show us a man who loved his family
Above all else we could see
As he set the dogs upon the doctor
As our spirits would soar
To watch him work misguide though he be
We’d cheer him on and wait to see
What this character would do next
And what he would do to vex
His daughter and all those in his life
Then how he got back his wife
How he lost her again
He found his daughter once again
As she left in the world to be
He was alone as we could see
Then he was an Uncle/Dad
Who threatened and tormented Tad
But he found the woman who would fill his life
Tad’s mother Opal would be his lady wife
And despite their divorce she was always there
To be there for her cuddly bear.
James showed this man that we all loved and made him real
He made us dream and see and most of all feel
That he was part of the people we loved to see
That he was a part of our family
The family of All My Children
And so now it is our sad duty to send
Our prayers to send him to his rest
But we want him to know he was the best
let him dance into heaven at God’s bequest
And choirs of angels sing him to his rest!

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