Monday, February 15, 2010

Helas the Dragon -Part 4

Fergal Mac Maolduin was getting ready for work.He shaved his whiskers off.Wolfed down his coffee and a piece of toasted and grabbed his lunch.
'Honey I'm worried about the back fence I'm sure it was blown down in that storm last night.A tornado was sighted in this city last night .Thank God nothing happened to us while we were sleeping but I really think you should check out that back fence'says Laura his wife
There was damage last night the power went off I'm late for work because the alarm didn't go off and now you want me to check the back fence? Yes I've all the time in the world!'grumbles Fergal
"While I'm worried about Margaret playing out there! I have the day off and she loves to play in the yard"says Laura
"Fine I'll check it out when I get home I can't fix it until I get home anyway!.says Fergal
"Please please check it now Fergal!'Margaret will drive me crazy if she's trapped indoors all day!'
Fergal slams the backdoor!He certainly didn't feel like checking the fence.Wait aminute what was the multicolored thing in the yard,something that blew in through the open space where the fence used to be .the yard was littered with pieces of lumber as well .Hump what a mess to clean-up.But what was that thing there it seemed to move but no that must be my imagiantion or in the wind.But there wasn't any wind what was that?Fergal moved closer.It couldn't be that couldn't be what he was seeing was it?It was the size of a Great Dane but that was no dog!It had wings.It looked like pictures he seen only in fairy tales. It looked like a dragon but they were objects of myth not reality and surely they were if they existed much bigger than this!It was incredibly beautiful .It's back gleamed with peacock blue and tiny silver scales all down it's back,like an artist brush had lightly brushed over it.Tiny little scales all along it's centre.The tail was longer then a dog's and would probably be level with it's head.One of it's wings was twisted below it and Fergal assumed it was broken .It would needed to be splinted.A leg was also twisted underneath it and it appeared to be broken also.But the other leg and wing were fine.The dragon's breathing was laboured however and broken often by fits of coughing!Fergal only thought was that he could allow such a rare and wonderful amazing creature to die.
"Laura'Fergal yelled through the open back door "get some old blankets and some bandages and alchohol and come quick.'
"Here's the blanket's and the bandages and antispetic but what do you need them for?'asks Laura
"Come and see what blew into our yard!You won't beleive it there's an injured Dragon in our yard!'says Fergal excitedly
"Fergal I think I heard you wrong! What did you say'asks Laura wanting clarification of what she heard
"Just come and see you'll never believe me until you see it yourself!'says Fergal
Laura came running with the supplies that Fergal had asked for but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw it was indeed a dragon .
"But where did it come from? how can it be?asks Laura in wonderment
"I don't know but this beautiful creature is hurt.I'm going your help to keep it still while I place the splints on it's wings and leg.I want to bring it in the house and then have a vet look at it!'says Fergal
"Oh no that creature is not coming into my house!Absolutely not It could be a fire breathing dragon .It's a dangerous wild animal it's not coming in our house!Absolutely not!"protests Laura
"Look at it Laura it needs help!'says Fergal
'I'm not totally heartless move your car out of the garage put in in the driveway and you can keep it in the garage I just hope that if it's fire breathing it won't burn the garge down and the house with it!I think there's an old box in the garage we could use for a bed for it !says Laura
"Fine help me carry it into the garage after I move the car!says Fergal
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