Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was lucky to behold
The signature of old
The light of all my long life
Who made me his beloved wife
He who makes my day
Who says come play
For one smile
I walk a mile
He makes me glad
He makes me sad
But always ,always he is there
To make everything easy to bear
To make the world seem so wonderful and bright
Even when I am thinking I look a fright
He thinks me beautiful and just right
He is my heart's eternal light

I love him with all that is within
When I look at him I think all sin
He melts me deep inside
With one look ,one touch
He gives me so much
I am blessed I know
So don't hate me though
I am so lucky and charmed
That I wish no one harmed
Only love and happiness
Though I would venture a guess
That not everone is so blessed
I thank my lucky stars lest
you think my not grateful
My life is so full
Thank -you dear man
I am your biggest fan
My darling husband
You hold my heart
Never will we part
For my love is eternal and a day
And never will I stray
From you who is my friend dear
And always will I leer
At you my true love
For we fit like a glove
Hand in hand we will go
Into the future glow
Whatever it holds
Whatever enfolds
We will have each other to behold!
All rights reserved 02/11/10

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