Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Monster Within

The Monster With In
The Monster Within

It calls to me it’s breath blowing
It calls to me it’s tendrils showing
It calls to me and speaks in sweet whispers
It calls to me and shows sweet lures

I give it none no smile no wave
But it looks at me as if it can’t behave
I turn my head acknowledge it not
For life it’s battle I have fought

Through distant cries it calls to me
But it’s lies do not get to be
I close the door heed not it’s cries
For in my heart and body it dies

It is not here it won’t come in
For to ignore it would be a sin
I will I will not let it in
I battle on and this I win

But the battle is always nigh
And my attention will not die
It’s tendrils extend it’s reach
And it’s me who will teach
The monster it is no more!
Cancer has no place it's war!
all right reserved 02/06/10

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