Sunday, February 14, 2010

Helas the dragon -Part 2

Helas decide to explore his new found home.He walked finding the ground odd!It was of rock in some places the color of white yet in other places athick black rock like dried molten lava he never seen. Beside the white rock were rows and rows of nests built from rock and whole trees. Surely these beasts must tower over him and even his fellow dragons!The beast slowly crept up behind Helas only the pattern of it's feet giving him notice of warning.
At this sound Helas turned swiftly around to behold a creature smaller than he directly behind him.He looked at this creature in wonder as he noticed it's brown hair bound in two straight lines along either side of it's head.He notice oddly how it had been woven to form these the creature was so unusaul not vermin or prey .It looked like some kind of covering it had placed over it's skin to keep it warm since it had no feathers to keep it warm or protect it from the elements!although for some odd reason the creatures legs they stood on were bare as was it's wings ?but it's feet were covered .So very hard to understand this creature that stood near!Was it a danger to him?
The creature made a sound and he heard"Good doggie pretty doggie!"what kind of strange greeting was this it sounded friendly but anyone could see he was a dragon not this thing called a dog so surely this creature had a little brain!
This creature was very tall that was the mostimazing thing of all how ccould such a one have created nests like these was it a hatchling?Yes it had to be a hatchling to be so small.
"Come with me pretty doggie!said the hatchling beackoning holding out what looked like some tempting fruit
Helas was sorely tempted that fruit looked so good and he'd not had fruit for so long!he hsitated and then tentatively went to the hatchling .He was hungry and tired and this hatchling offered food and not just any food fruit!Fruit of the Gods!
"that's it come doggie here you go I have more see?'the hatchling said as Helas began to understnd more of the hatchlings language
So off he trotted following the hatchling wonder where this hachling was taking him!'He wondered if he was being foolish if the hatchlings parents would swoop upon him and hack him to pieces.
"I won't hurt you doggie and I won't let nyone else but you have to hide in her from my parents they won't let me keep a doggie anymore!It made them too sad!But I like you "said the hatchling leading Helas into a dwelling she spread soft material on the ground and said
"You look tired doggie you can sleep there!""It's a dog house my doggie used to sleep there but he died!the hatchling said leaving Helas there
Helas was tired and he lay down thinking that he would remain alert lest the hatchlings parents came !he felt the floor beneath his feet and wings it was odd it looked like grass but it wasn't it was some substance he never felt before.It was not like the grass made him gather for their beds in the dragon camp .It was softer and it didn't have that dewy smell of grass .Helas closed his eyes only for moment he thought it was beginning to get dark and it had been along flight.
He heard the hatchling speak as if from along distance and then jerked awake when he heard first the hatchling say
"Mommy I found a new doggie nothing will take Sam's place but can I keep him Mommy?'
"Margaret you couldn't have found a dog today you were only in the backyard .Oh no did a wild dog come in the backyard!"Where is this dog did he bite you?Are you okay?"asks the other voice in shrill tones
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