Sunday, February 14, 2010

Helas The Dragon-Part 1

Helas The Dragon
There once was a dragon.A very beautiful dragon with colors of silver and peacock blue admist the colors were scales tiny scales that were almost invisible .These scales were in patches all ovr it's body the biggest of the patches all over it's body the biggest number of patches being peacock blue.He had unsusal eyes for adragon of sea blue or green as the moods struck him.If he was happy or pleased they would shine a brilliant glittering blue!If he ws sad or scared they would shine green.his wings when spread were equally beautiful glittering and gleaming in sunlight!
Helas was atiny dragon as dragons go,much smaller than the other dragons.They called him a puny dragon a pipsqeak and other names that hurt! Just because he was the size of a dog ,a large dog more like a great dane or perhaps a Newfoundlander dog!None of the adult dragons would except him because of his size .When he had reach dragonhood the other dragons had scorned him calling him a lapdragon.Heals had been ver upset it was hard to be different among dragons so fierce.They had insulted him saying he was a teenage dragon as well.Helas had been very upset by this as well after all he was an adult dragon not a teen!
"A young teenage Dragon indeed!he thought "how dare they I'm an adult dragon and they should treat me as one despite my size!'
And so one day Helas tired of the treatment he was receiving from the community tired of being scorned and bitten and burned by other dragons left the village.Helas ran away .Maybe he could find a better life than this somewhere .It would not be an easy thing to leave behind his mother but his father and his brothers they tormented him everyday so he wouldn't miss them!It was scary but he knew this was his chance to find his way and be the adult dragon he could be.He would truly miss his beloved mother Daicheus(daydroous) who was the only one who seemed to care at all about him.He truly regret the pain this would cause for her since he knew she would cry big dragon tears at his abscence but she would soon realize this was for the best.
If only there was a girl dragon somewhere in the world .All the other dragons that was his size shunned him bemoaning his size and laughing some had even breathed fire at him!He knew he was small but shouldn't beauty bravery and cunning count?
He was hurt that his size could make so much difference.He longed for afamily of his own.Baby dragons and a loving wife.Little dragons he could come home to after hunting but maybe because of his size he would never find that! He could only hope tha wouldn't happen.
So off he went soaring into the wild blue yonder pausing onlyto swoop down on prey for food and lakes for drink.He captured and ate small rodents giving thanks for their abdunance.
One day he stopped by acrystal clear blue lake to catch his supper of fresh fish and drink lots of it. the fish were numerous and easy to catch as he ate his full of salmon and trout.Helas killed only to survive not for the sake of the kill like others in the dragon community. he loved the mountain and the cool mountain lake of crystal blue ice water that ran down from the mountain top.the sweet pine treesmade awonderful feathered nest for Helas beneath them, Upon this mountain lea was such beauty he seemed to capture and fill the emptiness with in him.Among all this he still however felt like a sparrow, abrown sparrow amogst such beauty but he was happy for the first time in his life and so he stayed.And so srping turned into summer and summer to fall and as the cold nipped at Helas he knew it was time time to leave.
The weeks had passed and Helas had grown rounded not fat but not thin.He began to think and knew it was time to leave if he stayed he would soon be to plump to fly and then he would be a small defenceless dragon! His paradise would not be a paradise once the snows came.And so Helas flew south from the bitter cold seeking warmth from the bitter cold winds.On and on he flew finding food harder and harder to find. Finally when he belived he would simply die of thirst and hunger he happened on a small lake filled with fish.He caught the fish and he supped knowing he had reached his destination for her it was warm and the food and water was nearby and seemd plentiful enough for one small dragon.
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