Sunday, February 14, 2010

Helas The Dragon -Part 3

Helas the Dragon
"It's in the doghouse Mommy it hasn't hurt me!It's sleeping I gave it water and food in Sam's dishes.I even put some dogfod in it.It doesn't bite Mommy not one little bit!I thought ti was a doggie Mommy but it's alittle strange doggie Mommy it has wings like a birdy!"says the hatchling
Heals did not like the sound of the hatchlings parent not one little tiny bit.And it sounded like it was coming here would it hurt him?With the next gust of wind he was soaring the sky .These strange creatures were not for the likes of him.Maybe he should continue flying on flying home,He missed the dragon folk .He missed community even if they had teased him.Surely there was adragon who would accept him and maybe he would find a dragon wife and have his own hatchlings that would call him Dad!
Helas soared high in the sky flying mile after mile searching for his home.But it must be farther and further than he thought for try as he might he couldn't find it and yet it had been a full moon since he had met the creature.He had rested at night where ever he had been trying to avoid those creatures eating rodents or refuse of the creatures he could find.He had run into ran storms but luckily nothing too dangerous.Out of the blue a great storm came blowing Helas this way and that he grappled with his wings trying to keep in flght and not crash from his feathery heights.Helas knew he had to land but he to land but try as he might the wind just caught his wings and threw him higher into flight. the wind caught hold again and flipped him upside down.Helas struggled to regain his balance and managed to turn himself upright.Helas had never had to struggle against such a wind and his strength weakened.The wind grew stronger until it was awhirlwind blowing Helas and other things around in a circle.Helas was dizzy and he found he could no longer struggle against the wind .It held him and Helas was terrified.Surely this would be the end of him.Something hit Helas in the head and helas spiralled down knowing no more!
Helas awoke weak and coughing feeling broken and battered.He wa barely conscious
as he felt the rain pelt in rivets down his back.even as he felt the pain in his legs and wing he knew they were broken.He struggled to seek shelter but the movement of his leg casue such pain that he fainted.
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