Thursday, February 11, 2010

the Unknown

The Unknown
The girl glanced over her shoulder ,the man was still following her .His collar pulled up high on his face and a cap covering his head .
"He was so obvious in his attentions did he think kids were stupid?' she thought "well not this kid!
She had an IQ of 210.she knew he was following her but why she wasn't dressed flashy her hair was scooped off her face in a ponytail.She wasn't wearing any make-up.Was he a pervert ?One of those guys that kidnap abuse and murder little girls? She was only nine but she knew there were people like that out there in that wild world !Hadn't her grandmother warned her enough about those sorts of people!
She was getting scared now what if he grabbed her there were few people about.As she looked around she saw a couple walking the other way with their dog .A woman scolding her child on a stoop.Yes she could go there if she had to oh no they were going in and the playground was deserted.All she wanted to do was play a little and read this book. Romeo and Juliet it sounded so romantic!If only she hadn't decided to stop for awhile and swing as he read .Then he wouldn't be here.She jumped off the swing and began to run.She glanced back to see if he was gaining.He wasn''t but he was following.she was terrified but she thought "Think think Karen!Where do you go to get away from such a man!Where was the nearest block parent home?'Just as she thought he was close enough to reach out and grab her he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out something! Oddly enough it looked like a badge.
"I'm sorry sweetie I wasn't trying to scare you!'said the man "I'm a police officer
my name is John Appleton Luietenant John Appleton Of the Brighton police force.
The little girl glanced at the badge and then said stepping back
"Anyone can get a badge nowadays,that doesn't prove you are a police officer
"tell you what I'll walk you home and you can call the police stationa nd they'll varify that I'm a police officer!'he said with a chuckle looking almost human
" I wasn't trying to chase you I was just going to the playground to check for vandals.There has been a lot of vandalism of the playgrond in the last week or so!'the man continued
Although it sounded believeable somehow the little girl didn't believe it and yet in some strange way she felt safe with this man!
The policeman stared deep into her eyes seeming to search for something.
He was sure he thought sure that this was Sarah ,his Sarah Jane she had been missing for 6 years long years now.If only the babysitter hadn't turned her back for a moment.In that moment Sarah was gone and since that moment he'd lived a lifetime.He knew what people would say that it was wishful thinking but he saw his dead wife in this little girl she was the spitting image of Rea!He had had ChildFind age her and she was the spitting image of this little girl it had to be Sarah-Jane.She could have posed for that picture.This was Sarah Jane he knew to the marrow of he's very bones but how not to spook her?How could he take her to the police station to prove she was his daughter by DNA and fingerprints.
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