Sunday, February 7, 2010


Do you really truly see me
Or just what you want me to be
Do you see a healthy person flow
Or the personona that I show
My legs hurt my arms ache
And yet some people say I fake
The endless pain and tiredness
I sometimes wonder I confess
When will it end
Or will I descend
Into a spiral depression
That is my confession
This is a disease that's robbed my life
That's made it full of sorrow and strife
And yet it has beaten me yet
Each challenge I have met
It will not beat me this I swear
Though sometimes the pain is much to bear
I will truimph I cannot fail
For of this fight I will not bail
Someday I pray they find a way
To cure this some fine day
And make me feel like I'm like everyone
Instead of feeling like I'm under a gun
I look young but I'm not what you behold
I am a young woman in a body of old
Was I ever young I fear only in looks
Just like in storybooks my youth stolen away
Never quite young never young enough to play
Always old in manner and mind
Maybe it's better that way to find
The monster hiding eating away
My life I will beat you I say
But it never ever goes away!
My only hope is sometime some day!
It will be gone and I will play!

All rights reserved 02/07/10

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