Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet man

When I look upon your smiling face,
The world stops it's incredible pace,
The colours become brighter and warm,
In your eyes I take on a greater form
I feel beautiful like I have great alure
I know that I am your special her

You are the light when all my world is greys,
You are my sun with all it's loving rays,
You are there when I falter and fall,
You prop me up when I hit a wall,
You know me from the inside out
Of your incredible lasting love I have no doubt.

I don't know how I found such a find
An incredible package of both heart and mind
I thank my lucky stars each and everyday
That heaven sent you along my way
I treasure every moment spent with you
Because every day is incredible an new

You came into my life and brought the sun
You asked me to be your wife and I thought the fun was done
But everyday is an adventure a treasure to behold
As we get old and mature the story is still ours to told,
If you only knew the way I felt
You still make me melt
Into a puddle of jello
With just one look
What an incredible fellow
with you I have so much
Dreams and plans still to be
A future as exciting and free
To be with you and my family
All rights reserved 02/12/10

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