Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams

Our country is beautiful and vast
It’s history has a varied past
For England is our father/mother
Each province and territory is our sister/brother,
For together we stand
We are one land
Divided we fall
So we heed he call
For we help one another
For we after all sister/brothers

We say please and thank-you
It’s only polite to do
And when we annoy you
It’s sorry we say too

We love our athletes
And cheer their feats,
Good or bad
Even if we are sad
And moan a little at their loss
We don’t let them fear and gather moss
We adore them and cheer their fame
We don’t place on their heads the blame
We thank them for the pride they bring
And we ask of them not anything

So athletes dear
Never you fear
We root for you
At these games
And as I said we place no blame
Should you lose have no fear
We are as fans and are always here!

All rights reserved 02/14/10

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