Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helas the Dragon Part 5

"Okay the car's moved now help me get this creature. We have to splint the wing and the leg before we move it or we could cause more damage to it.Find some sticks or scarps of wood we can tie to it!'says Fergal
"Here will these work?" asks Laura as Margaret creeps up behind her says
"Oh my doggies back !See I told you it had wings!'But it's hurt poor doggie is it going to die like Sam?'asks Margaret
"This this is what you said was adog and went away ?'asks Laura
"Yes but it wasn't hurt them it just spread it's wings and went way up in the sky and flew away!"says Margaret
"Sweetie you have to stay away for the little this creature is hurt which means it might get mad and hurt back!So you gowait in the house until we come and get you okay!'
"It won't hurt me Daddy it likes me !'says Margaret stubbornly
"Margaret Mac Maolduin you'll do as I tell you!'Get in the house now!"
"I'm going Daddy I'm going!"But once he's settled I'm coming back!'says Margaret defiantly
"Laura help me carry you take that half I'l take this half with the head!'says Fergal
they get Helas settled in the box a blanket pulled up making it soft and comfortable.
"Do you think a vet can help?I mean no one has ever seen a creature such as this that I know of except in stories?"asks Laura
"They must know some of the anatomy there vets they got to school.I know I don't know what to do!'says Fergal as he and Laura leave Helas and shut the garage door.
Helas becomes frightened he's in a warm nest but it's inside a structure he' never seen before and he has no idea how he'll ever get out!What if these creatures who tied the tree to his broken leg and wing were really torturing him? No the truth was it felt better for what they did .Were they as kind as their offspring their hatchling?'says Fergal as he and Laura leave Helas and shut the garage door.
Helas laid down his head pulling it into his wing afew brief minutes of shut-eye would certanly help.He was fighting the pain in his wing and his leg the splints helped but there was no doubt about it he was damaged!He wanted to trust these creatures but he knew nothing of their species he never seen one before except when he spotted the hatchling and that wasn't enough information to go on!Helas heard the sound of tiny footsteps on the ground.
"Hello Doggie I'm so glad you cam back!'says the hatchling to Helas "I'm so sorry you got hurt though.don't worry though Daddy's gone to get the doctor no that's not the right word ...the word is vet and they look after animals and birdies.And since Daddy says your like a big bird but not!I keeping calling you Doggie but Daddy says your a ...a dragoon no that's not right a dragon!'You are a dragon that's why you have wings says the hatchling!
Helas belived he was starting to understnd this language of the hatchlings and her parents.Daddeee this would be the parents of the hatchling so they were Daddeees.Now this other word the hatchling kept calling him Doggie!Doggie what a horrible sounding word Helas didn't like the sound of it the other word the hatchling said no that was better Dragoon or Dragon yes that sounded regal imposing powerful yes Helas was Dragon!
"Look what I have for you!says the hatchling holding out the strange fruit she'd offered Helas before.
Helas was hungry and he remembered how good it tasted.He carefully took the offered fruit gently out of the hatchlings hands
"there no weren't those grapes good !says the hatchling "here you need a drink now !"holding out a bowl of water.
Helas rank deep and was growing weary when all of sudden thewall that contained him moved revealing sky and tha hatchlings parents along with another creature like them.
Hela looked at them in wonder how did such small creatures have such magic?That they could move walls ?
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